We are committed to continually improving our training offerings to address the changing needs of the ever-developing cyber security field.

As of January 2018, CCDCOE is responsible for identifying and coordinating education and training solutions in cyber defence for all NATO bodies across the Alliance. CCDCOE took on these new responsibilities with the status of Department Head for Cyber Defence Operations Education and Training Discipline, granted by the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), one of NATO’s two strategic commanders. NATO Allied Command Transformation has provided CCDCOE with an unconditional quality assurance accreditation for its contribution to high-quality NATO Education and Training.

To best meet the training requirements of our Allies, Partners and NATO as a whole, we provide courses in different formats and locations, covering a broad range of topics in the technical, legal, strategic and operational cyber security domains.

Regarding the Registration Codes to our courses in 2021, please contact the official Education & Training Point of Contact (POC) in your country, you can find your POC here. The Training Catalogue for 2021 can be downloaded from here.

Training Portfolio

Strategic Level Training

  • Executive Cyber Seminar

Operational Level Training

  • Integration Cyber Considerations into Operational Planning Course
  • Operational Cyber Threat Intelligence Course
  • Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Course

Legal Training

  • International Law of Cyber Operations Course

Technical Training

  • Malware and Exploits Essentials Course
  • Cyber Defence Monitoring Course Suite:
    • Module 1: Rule-based Threat Detection Course
    • Module 2: Stream Data Mining Workshop
    • Module 3: Large Scale Packet Capture Analysis Course
  • IT Systems Attacks and Defence Course
  • Botnet Mitigation Course
  • Introductory Digital Forensics Course
  • Web Applications Attack and Defence Course
  • Industrial Control Systems Security Introductory Course

Upcoming Courses: