Cyber Security Resources

This menu gives you direct access to our cyber security resources:

The cyber glossary tries to give an overview on how nations define different cyber terms in their official documents. The glossary is still in its initiation phase but we hope to turn it into a useful tool for researchers where one could read and compare the different interpretations of all things cyber.

INCYDER (International Cyber Developments Review) is an interactive research tool that features a comprehensive and easy to navigate collection of legal and policy documents adopted by international organisations active in cyber security. The database also features up-to-date descriptions and news reports on those organisations.

The National Cyber Security Strategies section provides links to national cyber security policy and legal documents, including national security and defence strategies identifying cyber, national cyber/information security strategies, and relevant legal acts. While the primary focus is on NATO Nations and Partners, the list includes national strategies across the globe. The list is updated regularly.

The National Cyber Security Organisation menu offers comprehensive overviews of existing national organisational models in selected NATO Nations, including their setup of political and strategic cyber security management; operational cyber security capabilities and cyber incident management; military cyber defence; and cyber aspects of crisis prevention and crisis management. The selection of countries covered will be expanded over 2015.