Joint Monitoring and Forensics Workshop


Joint Monitoring and Forensics Workshop


16-18 Jun 2014



Tallinn, Estonia

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Three days hands-on workshop for forensics practitioners where monitoring alarms will be further investigated as forensics incidents.

Although CD Monitoring and Digital Forensics courses already exist anhands-on workshop solution is rarer to spot. Moreover, it combines two disciplines in one i.e. network monitoring and host/network forensics, which gives rare opportunity for comprehensive practical training. The whole workshop will be based on in-depth analysis of Locked Shields 2014 Forensic Challenge Scenario.

The goal of the workshop is to exercise forensics practitioner’s ability of computer network intrusion analysis. We do it by modelling a realistic threat source and contingencies and provide the opportunity to learn newly developed digital forensic tools, techniques; promote the cross-sharing of information.

NB! This workshop is NOT for decision makers, leaders, or administrative personnel. It is a highly technical workshop of instruction designed for technicians that actively engage in hands-on digital forensic activities as part of their duties.

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