Cyber Security Training Events

Information sharing and training are of key importance in cyber defence which is why the Centre is organising different events to share the knowledge. In addition to the events organised by us, you can also find a list of cyber-related courses offered by different NATO-related organisations in the bottom of this menu.

The NATO CCD COE Training Catalogue 2018 (PDF) describes available courses covering a broad range of topics within the technical and legal cyber security domain.

The NATO CCD COE Training Calendar 2018 (PDF) contains a simple events schedule for 2018.

Upcoming events

Cyber Defence Workshops
17-18 Dec 2014

Economic Foundations of Cybersecurity Strategies

Cyber Defence Workshops
27-28 Apr 2016

Locked Shields Strategic Decision-making Workshop

Cyber Defence Monitoring Course Suite
26 Feb-2 Mar 2018

Cyber Defence Monitoring Course Suite Module 2

Stream Data Mining Workshop

Cyber Security Conferences
30 May-1 Jun 2018

CyCon 2018

CyCon X: Maximising Effects

Previous events

All previous events can be found in Archive section

Previous events