Web Applications Attack and Defence Course October


Web Applications Attack and Defence Course October


16-20 Oct 2017

Registration deadline:

21 Aug 2017



Tallinn, Estonia

Participation fee:

300 € (no fee for the Sponsoring Nations, Contributing Partners and NATO bodies)

This 4‐day course provides an understanding of basic principles of web application security. Most of the times we will be focusing on penetration testing, although the course will also deal with prevention measures and advice for developers. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand  the  most  important  web  application  vulnerabilities:  how  they  can  be identified and exploited and how to protect against them.  
  • Web application pen‐testing
  • Basic handling of manual scanning tools like Burp Suite
  • Knowledge of additional resources: web app firewalls, educational web apps, OWASP,  etc. 

Target Audience

Military and civilian IT specialists. Students do not need to be web developers or have prior experience  as  web  app  pen‐testers.  However,  a  basic  understanding  of  web  technologies (basic html, javascript, SQL) and some server side coding experience will be beneficial. 


  • Network basics (IP’s, TCP, ports, client ‐ server protocols, SSL)
  • General understanding of web technologies (basic html, javascript, SQL)
  • Basic shell commands (Linux and/or Windows)
  • Some server side coding experience will be highly beneficial, although not essential. 
Registration info

Please  register  for  the  course  by  visiting  the  NATO  CCD  COE  website  and  completing  the provided  registration  form  before  the  deadline.  Should  you  have  any  questions,  please contact: events -at- ccdcoe.org. 
* Before registering, please check the up‐to‐date course information on the NATO CCD COE website.