Locked Shields Forensics Challenge Workshop


Locked Shields Forensics Challenge Workshop


17-19 May 2016

Registration deadline:

11 Apr 2016


Tallinn, Estonia

This three day workshop will be organised after Locked Shields. The workshop will be based on in-depth analysis of the Locked Shields 16 Forensic Challenge Scenario.

The aim of the workshop is to exercise forensics practitioners’ ability in intrusion analysis. A hands-on lab-developed from the Locked Shields 2016 forensic inject scenario leads analysts through the challenges and solutions. They will identify where the initial targeted attack occurred and which systems were compromised.

Target Audience

Locked Shields 2016 Blue Team members and/or national representatives.


In prepared virtual lab environment, every student will be tasked to perform:

  • Malicious traffic analysis
  • Ntfs file system analysis
  • File analysis
  • Various OS artefacts analysis
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Malware identification

There will be mix of hands-on activities, lectures and group discussions.


This workshop is NOT for decision-makers, leaders, or administrative personnel. It is a highly technical workshop of instruction designed for technicians who actively engage in hands-on digital forensic activities as part of their duties.

To sign up for the course, please complete the registration form before the deadline.