Welcome to the NATO CCD COE's interactive database INCYDER (International Cyber Developments Review). This interactive research tool focuses on the legal and policy documents adopted by international organisations active in cyber security. The collection of documents is periodically updated and supported by a comprehensive system of tags that enable filtering the content by specific sub-domains. INCYDER also features descriptions and news about these selected organisations.

Given the increasing number of regional and international organisations active in the domain of cyber security, it can be challenging to navigate through all the existing and recently adopted legal and policy documents. However, keeping an eye on this information is essential for anyone involved in cyber security, as all these developments feed into (inter)national organisations’ and other stakeholders’ planning, strategy and capability preparation. For the wider audience, they reflect the overall trends of and the different approaches to cyber security.

To facilitate the work of researchers, lawyers, policy-makers and other cyber security-related practitioners, NATO CCD COE’s International Cyber Developments Review (INCYDER) website brings together relevant cyber security documents from major international organisations. These include  non-binding instruments, such as declarations, recommendations, policies, and strategies as well as binding documents, such as conventions, directives and regulations. All documents are identified by tags that enable filtering by sub-domains.

In addition to the interactive database, we will keep you up to date regarding current cyber security-related developments within these international organisations (see our news section, and subscribe to our newsletter) and provide useful summaries of the organisations’ cyber security profiles.

By doing all this, we aim to improve overall awareness of international developments, and, most importantly, to serve as a central hub for easy access to the wide range of different legal and policy instruments of international organisations that make up the contemporary domain of cyber security.

We hope that you find INCYDER useful for your everyday work. All comments on how we can make this website even more beneficial for the cyber security community are more than welcome at


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