5th International Conference on Cyber Conflict Proceedings (full)

The Triptych of Cyber Securiy - A Classification of Active Cyber Defence

Socio Political Effects of Active Cyber Defence Measures

The Drawbacks and Dangers of Active Defence

Artificial (Intelligent) Agents and Active Cyber defence - Policy Implications

Malware Is called Malicious for a Reason - The Risks of Weaponizing Code

Changing the Game - The Art of Deceiving Sophisticated Attackers

The Deployment of Attribution Agnostic Cyberdefence Constructs and Internally Based Cyberthreats Countermeasures

Dynamic Cyber-Incident Response

Beyond Technical data - a More Comprehensive Situational Awareness fed by Available Intelligence Information

Situational Awareness and Information Collection from Critical Infrastructure

Operational Data Classes for establishing Situational Awareness in Cyberspace

Towards Multi-layered Instruction detection in High-Speed networks

Detecting and defeating Advanced man-In-The-Middle Attacjs Against TLS

Inter AS-Routing Anomalies - Improved Detection and Classification

Elastic Deep Packet Inspection

An Automated Bot Detection System Through Honeypots for Large-Scale

Botnet Over Tor - the Illusion of Hiding

Key Terrain In Cybersapce - Seeking the High Ground

Fighting Power, Targeting and Cyber operations

Cyber Fratricide

Low-cost Active Cyber Defence