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CyCon 2016


31 May-3 Jun 2016

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23 May 2016


Tallinn, Estonia

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The 8th International Conference on Cyber Conflict will take place 1-3 June 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia. 31 May is dedicated as the CyCon workshops day. Focusing on the theme of Cyber Power, CyCon 2016 will ask how the traditional concept of power applies to cyberspace. The issues to be covered include international cooperation, technical challenges and requirements, conflict in cyberspace, legal framework, regulations and standards.

Every year, over 500 decision-makers and experts from government, military and industry from all over the world approach the conference’s key theme from legal, technology and strategy perspectives, often in an interdisciplinary manner.  

Speakers at CyCon 2015 included Admiral Michael S. Rogers, of the US Cyber Command and National Security Agency, and NATO Assistant Secretary General Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, as well as numerous academics, industry leaders and cyber experts. The theme Architectures in Cyberspace guided discussion on what cyberspace is and will be in the coming years, and how cyber security will develop.  

CyCon adheres to the highest standards in academic research. Proceedings of CyCon are published as an IEEE publication, as part of a family of the world’s leading technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics. Further information and proceedings, videos and presentations from past years can be found at

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