NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence
Centre of Excellence Tallinn, Estonia

Exercises & Courses

Training and cooperation are of key importance in cyber defence which is why the Centre is organising different training opportunities. Currently there are four types of events in our portfolio: Cyber Defence Exercises, technical training courses, awareness training and a law seminar. Additionally you can find a list of cyber-related courses offered by different organisations.

Cyber Defence Exercises

The Centre conducts real-time network defence exercises which allows the participants to learn and test the skills needed to fend off a real attack. Since 2012, the exercise series is called Locked ShieldsLocked Shields is an annual real-time network defence exercise organised by the Centre together with its partners. The exercise has a game-based approach which means that no organisation will play their real-life role and the scenario is fictional. Locked Shields 2014 will take place in May.

We are also contributing to the NATO Cyber Defence Exercise (Cyber Coalition) since 2009 by helping to plan, develop, and execute the exercise. Cyber Coalition is designed to give its participants a better understanding of NATO’s Cyber Defence capabilities and to identify areas for improvement within the NATO-wide Cyber Defence community.

Technical Courses

Technical courses are organised twice a year by the Centre with an aim to bring together and train computer and network security specialists. Currently we are offering following courses: Cyber Defence Monitoring & Security Events Management CourseBotnet Mitigation Training, Introductory Digital Forensics Course, IT Systems Attacks and Defence, Malware and Exploits Essentials Course. For more information take a look at the course calendar or download the Course Guide for 2014 (PDF).

Awareness e-Course

Online Cyber Defence Awareness Course aims to enhance the general user’s awareness of cyber security risks and measures to mitigate those risks. The training audience of the awareness course includes all users of NATO networks.

International Law of Cyber Operations Seminar

The seminar, organised together with NATO School Oberammergau and U.S. Naval War College, is targeted to military and civilian legal advisors to the armed forces, intelligence community lawyers, and other civilian attorneys in governmental billets dealing with cyber issues. The seminar offers an introduction to computers and computer networks, as well as to NATO´s policy and doctrine regarding cyber defence.

Other Training Courses

Training courses on cyber-related issues are also offereed by the NATO School, NATO Communications and Information Systems School, Centre of Excellence - Defence Against Terrorism and NATO e-Learning Joint Advanced Distributed Learning portal.

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