NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence
Centre of Excellence Tallinn, Estonia

2010 Conference Proceedings

Book details:
Editors: Christian Czosseck, Karlis Podins
Hardcover: 244 pages
Publisher: CCD COE Publications, May 2011
Language: English
IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1226N-PRT
ISBN: 978-9949-9040-1-3

You can download the articles of your interest below.
Hardcopies of the book are no longer available.

Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Botnets and Botnet Defense 
by Kotenko, I., Konovalov, A., Shorov, A.
Cyber warfare: As a form of low-intensity conflict and insurgency 
by Liles, S.
Domain Engineering for Cyber Defense: a Case Study and Implications 
by Tepandi,J., Piho, G., Liiv, I.
Escaping the Cyber State of Nature: Cyber deterrence and International Institutions 
by Kaminski, R. T. 
From Pitchforks to Laptops: Volunteers in Cyber Conflicts 
by Ottis, R.
Getting the Essence of Cyberspace; A Theoretical Framework to Face Cyber Issues 
by Joubert, V.
Knowledge Based Framework for Cyber Weapons and Conflict 
by Lorents, P., Ottis, R.
Optimizing IT security costs by evolutionary algorithms 
by Kirt, T., Kivimaa, J.
Perspectives on Building a Cyber Force Structure 
by Starr, S., Kuehl, D., Pudas, T.
Pinprick attacks, a lesser included case? 
by Lemay, A., Fernandeza, J.M., Knight, S.
State Responsibility for Cyber Attacks: Competing Standards for a Growing Problem 
by Shackleford, S. J.
The Cyber Threat to National Security: Why Can’t We Agree? 
by Hare, F.
Understanding Cyber Operations in a Canadian Strategic Context: More than C4ISR , More than CNO 
by Bernier, M., Treurniet, J.

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