5th International Conference on Cyber Conflict Proceedings (full)

Threat Implications of the Internet of Things

Exploring the Prudent Limits of Automated Cyber Attack

Autonomous Intelligent Agents in Cyber Offence

Mission-Centricity in Cyber Security: Architecting Cyber Attack Resilient Missions

Information Sharing Models for Cooperative Cyber Defence

A Cyber Attack Modelling and Impact Assessment Framework

Towards a Cyber Common Operating Picture

Complexity and Emergence in Ultra-Tactical Cyberspace Operations

A Framework for Control Measures to Limit Collateral Damage and Propagation of Malicious Software

The Dawn of Kinetic Cyber

Legal Aspects of a Cyber Immune System

Autonomous Decision-Making Processes and the Responsible Cyber Commander

Cyber Deception and Autonomous Attack – Is There a Legal Problem?

An Ethical Analysis of the Case for Robotic Weapons Arms Control

The Future of Military Virtue: Autonomous Systems and the Moral Deskilling of the Military

Deriving Behavior Primitives from Aggregate Network Features Using Support Vector Machines

Towards an Architecture for Evaluating and Correlating NIDS in Real-World Networks

Illicit Network Structures in Cyberspace

A Baseline Study of Potentially Malicious Activity Across Five Network Telescopes

Patterns of a Malware Analysis Workflow

Context Based Access Control Model for Smart Space

Divided by a Common Language: Cyber Definitions in Chinese, Russian and English

Towards a Cyber Conflict Taxonomy

Cyber Attack: A Dull Tool to Shape Foreign Policy

CDXI: Cyber Security Data Exchange and Collaboration Infrastructure

The Vulnerability of UAVs to "Cyber Attacks" - An Approach to the Risk Assessment