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Conference Tracks

Strategy Track

The Strategy track builds on the success from last year’s Cyber Warfare conference, where experts from around the world presented their insight and research on the strategic issues in cyberspace. Some key questions for this year include:

  • How does national power and national security manifest in cyberspace?
  • What are the national security implications from anonymous (non-state) cyber attack campaigns?
  • How to model and analyze cyber power and cyber conflict?

Most presentations are based on internationally peer reviewed research papers, which will be available in the proceedings of the conference.

Aside from the presentations, the Strategy track contains two discussion panels:

  • NATO and cyber conflicts, and
  • non-state actors in international cyber conflicts.

Technical Track

The Technical Track of the Conference on Cyber Conflict (C6 2010) is designed to give our conference attendees the opportunity to examine the nuts and bolts of computer and information security at a deep, practical level.

The track focuses on practical aspects of security issues of cyber space. The track brings together academic, industry, and government professionals to a highly selective forum on implementation and application of cyber security.

Topics belonging to the Technical Track will be covering a broad range of specific methods used in the everyday attacks and defenses that occur in the online world, i.e. practical ways of obtaining attack information, vulnerabilities, exploit codes, risk avoidance, deterrence, prevention, detection, investigation, containment and recovery.

Technical Track presentations will explore the use and abuse of computer code, network protocols, and Internet infrastructure, and cover both the offensive and defensive aspects of information and cyber warfare.

Technical papers will be describing original ideas, groundbreaking results and/or quantified system experiences. We especially expect submissions that will highlight real-world cyber security issues and deployments, new application domains, and retrospectives on the state-of-the-art.

NB: Please be aware that the information presented here may require a fair amount of technical background knowledge in order to follow the discussion.

Law and Policy Track

Last year, the Legal and Policy Conference focused on introducing a comprehensive approach to cyber security and introduced a concept called “Frameworks for International Cyber Security”.

This year, we will focus on how international legal and policy input materializes on national level. The goal of the Law & Policy Track is to introduce two recent studies – one on the cyber security legal and policy documents adopted by major international organizations and the other on the current trends of international cyber security legislation and policy.

In order to explain how international input influences national-level cyber security and defence planning, decision-making and legislation, we have chosen a number of concepts (data exchange about the incident, cooperation with ISPs, collective defence) and asked experts from different legal areas to comment on how these issues are covered within their area of expertise. We will also include panelists to elaborate on possible alternative approaches and provide additional insights into how to best solve these issues in national legal and policy framework.

The Law & Policy track of the conference will be invitation-based and the number of participants is limited to 100. The invitees include one representative of every NATO and PfP nation, CCD COE cooperation partners and distinguished Cyber Security Law and Policy experts. The conference will be preceded by a professional one-day training on drafting a national cyber security strategy, conducted by experts from nations that have recently adopted or renewed their strategies in the field.


16 June 2010 President Ilves Opens Conference on Cyber Conflict
16 June 2010 President Ilves Opens Conference on Cyber Conflict
11 June 2010 Peter Flory to give an ending keynote at the Conference
24 May 2010 Melissa Hathaway confirmed as a keynote speaker at the Conference
16 March 2010 Conference Speakers Announced

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