NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence
Centre of Excellence

Conference Tracks

The conference will articulate itself in two parallel tracks: 

1) Concepts, Strategy & Law Track

This track addresses the human component of the Cyber Forces. 

This includes talks and discussion on how to best identify, recruit, train and retain the right people, and how to best organize their contribution to national security. The track will address both traditional state-centric concepts, such as specialized units in the active duty military, and more volunteer based approaches, such as the Estonian Cyber Defence League and the cyber security experts in the reserve forces.

The track is open to all interested in this subject, but will be of particular interest to people who are part of or charged with setting up national cyber forces, especially from the military perspective. Later will be able to meet their peers and to learn from each other as well as from the experience of the speakers.

2)Technical Challenges & Solutions Track

The technical Track’s agenda includes a significant number of world-renowned experts. Presentations will cover topics ranging from “next-generation” intrusion detection to covert channels or Advanced Persistent Threats.
The cutting-edge nature of these talks will help security professionals to understand not only the current dangers in cyberspace, but also many cyber security challenges of the future.
Speakers include Ralph Langner, who will detail his discoveries in the infamous Stuxnet case, and Charlie Miller, who will evaluate a wide range of anti-exploitation technologies now in use by software companies that may have "given up" on trying to write secure applications.
Further, numerous original research articles, which were selected from a worldwide Call for Papers, will be shared with the audience.
The track is open to all interested in this subject , but Technical Track attendees will ideally have a solid computer science or information security background, in order to facilitate both an understanding of the material presented and to take part in subsequent discussion.



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