NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence
Centre of Excellence Tallinn, Estonia

2011 Conference Proceedings

The 3rd International Conference on Cyber Conflict focused on defensive and offensive aspects of Cyber Forces, combining different views on cyber defence and operations in current threat environment.

Book details:
Editors: Christian Czosseck, Enn Tyugu, Thomas Wingfield
Hardcover: 186 pages
Publisher: NATO CCD COE Publications & IEEE, May 2011
Language: English
IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1226N-PRT
ISBN 13 (print): 978-9949-9040-2-0
ISBN 13 (PDF): 978-9949-9040-3-7

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Track I: Concepts, Strategy & Law
Conscription and Cyber Conflict: Legal Issues 
by Susan W. Brenner and Leo L. Clarke
Cyber Security on Military Deployed Networks - A Case Study on Real Information Leakage 
by Fabio Mulazzani and Salvatore A. Sarcia’
Developing an International Cooperation on Cyber Defense and Deterrence against Cyber Terrorism 
by Murat Dogrul, Adil Aslan and Eyyup Celik
“Information Troops” – A Russian Cyber Command? 
by Keir Giles
Is the Swedish Territorial Defence Ordinance Applicable on the Fourth Arena?
by Victoria Ekstedt
Rationale and Blueprint for a Cyber Red Team Within NATO: An Essential Component of the Alliance’s Cyber Forces 
by Luc Dandurand
Towards Establishment of Cyberspace Deterrence Strategy
by Dmitri Alperovitch

Track II: Technical Challenges & Solutions Track
Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Defense 
by Enn Tyugu
On the Arms Race Around Botnets – Setting Up and Taking Down Botnets
by Christian Czosseck, Gabriel Klein and Felix Leder
Preserving Organizational Privacy in Intrusion Detection Log Sharing 
by Hayretdin Bahşi and Albert Levi
Requirements for a Future EWS – Cyber Defence in the Internet of the Future
by Mario Golling and Björn Stelte
Towards Next-Generation Intrusion Detection 
by Robert Koch
Using a Novel Behavioral Stimuli-Response Framework to Defend against Adversarial Cyberspace Participants 
by Daniel Bilar, Brendan Saltaformaggio

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