NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence
Centre of Excellence Tallinn, Estonia


In addition to the proceedings of the annual conferences, the Centre has also publishes materials on law, policy and technical issues. All books are available in an electronic form for download, hardcovers (if available) can be obtained by contacting publications at

Peacetime Regime for State Activities in Cyberspace
Dr Katharina Ziolkowski (Ed.)

5th International Conference in Cyber Conflict. Proceedings 2013
Karlis Podins, Jan Stinissen, Markus Maybaum (Eds.)

National Cyber Security Framework Manual
Alexander Klimburg (Ed.)

4th International Conference on Cyber Conflict. Proceedings 2012
Christian Czosseck, Rain Ottis, Katharina Ziolkowski (Eds.)

3rd International Conference on Cyber Conflict. Proceedings 2011
Christian Czosseck, Enn Tyugu, Thomas Wingfield (Eds.)

Strategic Cyber Security 
Kenneth Geers

International Cyber Security Legal & Policy Proceedings
Eneken Tikk and Anna-Maria Talihärm (Eds.)

Conference on Cyber Conflict. Proceedings 2010
Christian Czosseck and Karlis Podins (Eds.)

International Cyber Incidents: Legal Considerations
Eneken Tikk, Kadri Kaska, Liis Vihul

The Virtual Battlefield: Perspectives on Cyber Warfare
Christian Czosseck and Kenneth Geers (Eds.)

Frameworks for International Cyber Security
Eneken Tikk (Ed.)

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